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Last modified: 23/01/2020

ENTITY IN THE MANSION is a Survival Horror videogame inspired by classical Resident Evil , Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark styles but with a First-Person perspective. This game is made with Unity Engine and I want to share you with a free playable demo. The currents demo shows what has changed since the old version. You can download and play the current version of the demo, as well as the old ones if you want.

Now I show you all the current features of the game, but all of these could be changed in future.

  • STORY: The main character, whose the name is unknown, has to save a man who is asking for help, trying to survive into a mansion full of deadly monsters and solving a lot of riddles that block his way. The more he explores the mansion, the thicker are the secrets he'll discovers, but he cannot escape without answers.
  • GAMEPLAY: You have to explore the mansion as much as possible to find every item you need to reach the target, like keys to open locked doors, weapons to kill the monsters or medical kits to heal yourself. The exploration is the most important thing, indeed, sometimes you need to backtrack through the mansion to go on with the game, but sometimes you have to stop and think because there are a lot of riddles you must solve. 
  • MAP: There is only a great game map composed by many levels that are all linked each other through particular kind of doors, stairs, ladders or elevators. You can visit all places of the map whenever you want, but you will pass through a loading screen if you change the game level. If you think you left an important item somewhere, remember that you are always able to retrieve it.
  • GRAPHIC: Unfortunately, the graphic is not the highlight of this game, because the lighting of the game is really dynamic, so you can find a little of shadow inaccuracy.  However, the lighting system will be optimized in future in order to improve the quality for the final version of the game.

Federico Pusceddu
Federico Pusceddu
Federico Pusceddu
Andrea Coppola
Federico Pusceddu
Andrea Coppola
Mauro Luison
Federico Pusceddu

If you want to play the old versions of the game, you can download them by clicking the links below:



I used some textures, icons, models and sound effects which were designed by other authors.  CLICK HERE TO SHOW THE CREDITS.

I show you almost all features of the game that will be added, removed, updated and fixed in the next versions. CLICK HERE TO SHOW THE "TO DO LIST"



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StatusIn development
Release date Apr 13, 2019
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Monsters, Nonlinear, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksPatreon, Facebook, Reddit


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Entity in the Mansion (pre-alpha v0.05) 774 MB

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LOL SIETE ITALIANI ..minghia! ce molto creepy nel vostro gioco :D lol

grazie tante per il video


Continua così! Mi piace davvero tanto, bellissimo il sistema di interruttori per la luce


Grazie mille :D

So I've been playing more on my off-time and I'm really impressed with what there is considering it's pre-alpha. The painting puzzle was very clever and the chainsaw-zombies definitely gave me a scare. Keep working on this!

Thanks a lot for playing deeply this pre-alpha. I'm looking forward to publish the new version of the game, because I'm working on it daily. Stay tuned!


So far so good!  The enemies are surprisingly creepy even though they are just placeholders, and the flow of the game feels about right.  I like that every light switch I've found is operational - it's still scary to open a door into the dark since there could be an enemy on the other side, but knowing I can dash in and turn on the light is nice.

Thank you! The light switch system is an important feature of the game, although the current version of the game doesn't show their utility. But in the next updates you will see a better interection with the light switches ;)


I'm hoping to see more done with this game before I check it out again. but here is my playthrough and thoughts so far.

I have watched your video and I'm happy you played my game. It's a pity that you haven't seen too much of the game (you were already at the beginning) but I really appreciate what you said in the video and you're right. However, I'm working everyday to improve my project, because I want it to entertain people who like survival horror. I hope that I was able to entertain you and make you curious. Thanks again for the video.


Gave it a go...


I have seen your video and I really thank you for your feedback. What you said at the end of the video is totally true, in fact I'm working on this game every day to improve it with a lot of features inspired by classic resident evil games. I'm trying to do my best.

P.S: You're video make me laugh so much. You're awesome!


Played through a little bit! Maybe I'm just dumb but I struggled with the puzzle in the library. What's here is very basic and barebones (by your own admission) but I'm very interested to see where this goes. Keep working on it! 

I'm glad you played my game and I appreciate all kind of criticism you did. I have watched your video and I like how you have mentioned resident evil so much, because my game is mostly inspired by that game as you said at the beginning of the video. Thanks :)

P.S.: You had the flashlight in your inventory from the beginning of the game but I don't know why its icon didn't show up (it was in the first slot of the inventory), maybe it's a bug, but a Pre-Alpha needs to find them after all.


Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and was actually VERY surprised with what i played. Very SH1 and RE1 in style and i can see this game having a TON of potential to be great. I can't give a lot of criticism as you state in the loading screen everything you're aware of, which is everything i could complain about. I give as much feedback and criticism as i could in my video below, if you're interested and i'd like to see this game done right and polished into something great! 

I really thank for your comment and for playing my game. I watched your video and I'm very happy to see how you liked it. I appreciate your feedback and criticism because they are very important to me for improving my project, so I hope that you will be curious about next updates.

Thanks again and stay tuned!


Yeah, i'll definitely be checking in every so often for updates. I'm curious as to where this game goes from here!

Hi. A new demo has been released a few days ago. Will you try it?